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What is Explore Bike Share?

Explore Bike Share provides a network of e-bikes (pedal-assist, electric bicycles) that can be rented on-demand from stations located around the city. The process is easy: you go to a station, pick up an e-bike, and go. Then put it away at another station when you’re done.

Who is Explore Bike Share for?

Bike share is for everyone wanting to get around Memphis, from commuters to shoppers to fitness-seekers to tourists. The e-bikes are safe, simple, and sturdy and designed for users with a range of abilities. Come as you are -- no special gear, outfit or shoes required.

Where can I go with Explore Bike Share?

As long as you start and end your trip at a station, you can ride anywhere you want to go. 

What does pedal assist mean?

The e-bikes include an optional pedal assist feature to give you an extra boost. The optional power boost can be turned on using the power button on the top of the left handlebar screen.

How do I pay for my membership?

You can purchase a membership using a credit and debit card on the BCycle app, or this website.

What if I don’t have a credit or debit card?

Cash payment is available. Call our customer service line at 901.590.2127 for instructions. 

How were station locations chosen?

We used a community-input process to find out where Memphis residents and visitors wanted to see bike share stations and combined that feedback with expert opinions on traffic and usage. Check out all station locations on the station map or the BCycle app.  We are constantly evaluating new station locations based on demand and user input. Contact us for any suggestions.

How old do I have to be to ride?

You must be at least 16 years old to use Explore Bike Share. If you’re under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must purchase a pass for you.

Can I reserve a bike?

Nope. Bike share is always in motion, and the e-bikes don’t wait. You can make sure e-bikes are available at a station by checking the BCycle app or station map in advance. Once you finish riding and lock the e-bike, your ride is complete. If you plan to stop and re-start a trip, we suggest our annual membership

What if there are no e-bikes at the station?

We’re constantly rebalancing our stations to make sure they have enough inventory, but in a high-need situation, you can check the dock map to view the three closest stations with e-bikes available. The BCycle app and station map also provide real-time information on where to find e-bikes.

What if I need to return an e-bike and a station is full?

E-bikes can only be returned to a station with an open dock. If you arrive at a station that’s full, you can follow the instructions on the BCycle app to get 15 more minutes to bike to another station. Did we mention that you can always check station status in advance from the BCycle app or station map?

Are helmets required to ride Explore Bike Share?

Helmet use is encouraged, but not required by law for riders over 16 years old.

Does Explore Bike Share ever close?

Explore Bike Share hours are “all day, every day.” If we have to close any station during a major weather event or other emergency, we will let you know via email, social media or SMS. If you need to contact us with questions or issues about an e-bike or station, our team is available from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help out.

Can my company purchase group memberships?

Absolutely! Please visit our group membership page for more details. 


Still have questions? Just let us know.


Step 1: Pay

Purchase a membership using a debit or credit card from the BCycle apponline, or call us at 901.590.2127 for cash payments.

These are our new electric, pedal-assist bikes. You can ride up to 20 minutes, and then will incur $0.30 per minute AFTER the first 20 minutes.

Or you can get a three day pass that is active for 72 consecutive hours. You have unlimited rides up to 60 minutes for 3 days, and will incur $0.30 per minute after 60 minutes. So, be sure to check in and out every 60 minutes or less to avoid the extra cost.

Get 365 days of unlimited 60 min rides! If you keep an e-bike longer than 60 minutes, it’s an additional $0.30 per minute.

Step 2: Pick Up

Using your membership card, BCycle app, or user ID, check out an e-bike from any of our stations. The app shows you all of the station locations and how many e-bikes are at each station.

Step 3: Pedal

Go Explore!

Ready for a power trip?
The optional power boost can be turned on using the power button on the top of the left handlebar screen.

Step 4: Put Up

Dock and lock the e-bike at any station with available space.

Make sure to lock the front wheel in the dock, and check the app to make sure your ride has ended. 

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