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Bike Share is a revolution on two wheels.

By providing a network of bicycles that can be rented on-demand from stations located around the city, it changes everything about urban transportation. The process is easy: you go to a station, pick up a bike, and go. Then put it away at another station when you’re done.

That’s it. You can pay per ride, per day, per month, or even per year.

Bike share is for everyone wanting to get around Memphis, from commuters to shoppers to fitness-seekers to tourists. The bicycles are safe, simple, and sturdy and designed for users with a range of abilities.

Step 1: Pay

Purchase a membership using a debit or credit card from the BCycle app, a station kiosk (where available), or online, or call us at 901.292.0707 for cash payments. You can choose a 2 hour pass, a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan.

Step 2: Pick Up

Using your membership card, BCycle app, or user ID, check out a bike from any of our stations. The app shows you all of the station locations and how many bikes are at each station.

Step 3: Pedal

Go Explore!

For 2 hour passes, enjoy 120 minutes and if you want to keep riding, its $0.20 per minute for additional ride time. Once you dock and lock your bike, your ride is over. 

For the weekly, monthly and annual members, each ride is 60 minutes long, so if you need to ride longer, check into a station each hour or accept the charge of $1.25 for each additional 15 minutes.

There’s a U-lock incorporated into each bike that goes in your basket while you ride -- your check-out time ends when you replace the U-lock in the bike frame. 

Step 4: Put Up

Dock and lock your bike at any station with available space. Check the smart screen to make sure your ride has ended. 


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Explore Bike Share is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Your support enables us to advance Memphis and connect its residents on multiple fronts, including affordable and accessible transportation, healthy lifestyles, environment, culture and tourism. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and funds the operation of Explore Bike Share and its community programming.